Case studies       

Together with their local UTAX partner, regional and national small and medium-sized companies standardise their output infrastructure and optimise their workflow.  Find here current best practise projects out of different industries to get an insight how you can minimize costs and improve your output efficiency.

Hospitals and Health Care Business

Due to the functions and designs, the devices more than meet the daily requirements of the hospital routine and act as a solution for virtually every problem."

Ralf Plomann, Head of IT at the St. Marien Hospital

City of Schenefeld

The standard output of documents via the duplex function saves us a huge amount of paper, and due to the connection to the DMS, we are definitely a step closer to the goal of a paperless office."

Andreas Faust, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Schenefeld, Public Office

Bode GmbH (European market leader of the production of elastomer pipe seals and moulds

The reorganisation of HyPAS-capable UTAX multifunctional systems enabled us, to optimise processes and integrate network applications. The connection to the DMS offers us an added value, which other system manufacturers for this segment did not offer."

Joachim Greisiger, Head of IT at Bode GmbH

Law Offices

My customers expect the output to run smoothly, for example, with regard to scanning and label printing."

Stefan Kirchhoff, Managing Director, Kik Computer training and sales GmbH 

Consumer Home & Garden Center

The collaboration with UTAX was extremely pleasing. All promises were adhered to perfectly and the delivery came off speedily and trouble-free. Otherwise the project would have been impossible for us to bear at that time."

Bernhard Zeindl, Managing Director of Werner Kopfermann GmbH & Co. KG Bürotechnik

Mitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH

Hard-wearing and smart: robust working animals with intelligent software for the Mitsubishi

production facility in Wiesbaden 

Samtgemeine Luechow

 Directly connected: UTAX implements optimised domain integration for

the joint municipality of Lüchow (Wendland)